3 ‘Ws’ of Snacking for kids


As parents, an eternal scenario we all know too well is — its 4 p.m. and our child is hungry again with their stomachs rumbling –its SNACK TIME! It's easy to get stuck in a repetitive snacking cycle, but it doesn't have to be that way — snacking can (and should) be fun, balanced, nutritious, and tasty!


Let’s now explore the 3 W’s of wholesome and delightful snacking for your kids.


Why is snacking important for kids?


  • Kids need to “refuel” and healthy snacks can boost energy between meals

  • Kids who have healthy eating patterns are more likely to perform better academically

  • Snacks help fill in missing food groups and close the gap for “nutrients of concern” (e.g.: calcium, iron, potassium, fibre)

  • After school snacks are especially important when there is a long gap between lunch and the evening meal


When should kids snack?


Most kids may need 1-2 snacks a day, usually one mid-morning and one after school. Some may need more depending on their physical activity or if they are going through a growth spurt. Consult your child specialist for more information.


What should kids snack on?


Maintaining balance, moderation and variety along with great taste are the basics to be kept in mind while planning kid’s snack foods. It helps to plan and portion snacks in advance. Since unplanned, unhealthy snacking can lead to health issues, especially with weight. Untimely snacking also interferes with kids' appetites and can disrupt their natural instinct to experience hunger and fullness.


Try giving your kids a snack containing a combination of -


  • Whole grains (cereals, pulses and millets)- they contain complex carbohydrates, the main energy source for body, especially brain and muscles, B vitamins and fibre

  • Milk & milk products- it provides protein considered as building blocks of the body and calcium which is important for muscles and bones

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables – they are rich in fibre, phytonutrients, vitamins & minerals


Some quick, yummy ideas for smart snacking:


  1. Add ¼ cup strawberries to a bowl of Kellogg’s Chocos (25-30 g) with low fat milk


    Nutrition bonus! Goodness of Wholegrain, Protein, Fibre, B Vitamins, Iron, Calcium

  2. Multigrain veggie wraps or moong dal chila (2 nos.) sprinkled with flaxseeds


    Nutrition bonus! Protein, Fibre, Good fats

  3. Whole grain vegetable sandwiches (2 nos.) with grated cottage cheese (paneer)


    Nutrition bonus! Protein, Fibre, Vitamins, Calcium

  4. Add handful of dates, 1 medium sized banana with low fat milk. Top it up with Kellogg’s Cornflakes


    Nutrition bonus! Protein, Fibre, B vitamins, Iron, Potassium

  5. A glass of fruit smoothie made with seasonal fruits like mango, strawberries and low-fat milk/yoghurt


    Nutrition bonus! Loads of Vitamins, Minerals, Calcium

  6. A bowl of sweet/ savoury whole grain cereal porridge (daliya/oatmeal) with veggies


    Nutrition bonus! Goodness of Whole Grain, Protein, Fibre, Vitamins, Minerals

Some tips to help your child get the most out of the snack time:


  1. Set a snack routine. Set specific snack times so that snacking is a conscious activity built into your family’s routine

  2. Portion control the snacks. Keep snacks small and simple so your child is still hungry at meal time.

  3. Turn off the TV. Watching TV while eating can lead to overeating. Hence, it’s a good idea to turn off the TV if your child is snacking.

  4. Keep snack foods out of sight. To avoid munching at odd hours.

  5. Encourage your children to eat slowly and chew their food thoroughly. This will help them feel satisfied.


As responsible parents let’s get on a ‘smart snacking’ mission for our kids. Let’s bid adieu to monotonous snacking routines and instead offer enjoyable healthy snacks that provide wholesome nutrition for our child’s wellbeing. Embracing this simple lifestyle change will garner a lasting positive impact on our kids’ overall health and development, with the mantra being “Super Snacks for Our Super Kids”!!





Sweety Das

Nutritionist, Kellogg India Pvt. Ltd.