Thank you all for the overwhelming response to the recipe contest. Hope you enjoyed the contest as much as we enjoyed creating it for you.

We are delighted to announce the winners of the

#Nutri5 Recipe Contest.



1st prize - "Kellogg's Oats Sesame Bar" by Bhoomika Panwar

2nd prize - "Egg free Breakfast Corn Flakes Shortbreads" by Pratibha Tiwari

3rd prize - "Granola Chia Pudding" by Arundhati Misra

Lucky Draw Winners:

1. "Poached Eggs Savoury Oatmeal" by Afshan Jabeen

2. "Crunchy Kellogg's Fruity Tart" by Shweta Mehta

3. "Kellogg's Oatmeal Pancakes" by Sakshi Tiwari

4. "Kellogg's Coconut Balls" by Humeira Mohammed

5. "Granola Fruit Custard" by Sejal Suvarna