Do you think cereals can be eaten only in one way? With milk and fruit and perhaps some dry fruits and nuts added to it?


We request you to take a second look at cereal! It’s crunchy, delicious, nourishing and goes well with other healthy foods, so why limit it to one meal? Creative food lovers everywhere are finding lots of ways to enjoy cereal any time of the day.


And this is where things get interesting! Create irresistible flavour combinations with dairy, spices, seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables. Encourage everyone to come up with their awesome mix and enjoy! Kellogg’s offers variety of ready-to-eat cereals that can be had the way you like!


When guiding your patients / clients, encourage them to think of cereal as a blank canvas for creating wholesome meals and snacks. Let them add their personalised touch to their food and enjoy their Kellogg’s cereals, their way!


Mix it Up Handout is a good starting point to stimulate ideas on how to go beyond the cereal bowl.