Power of Breakfast


Breakfast is often regarded as the “most important meal of the day”. The importance of consuming breakfast has been researched extensively and has been shown to be strongly associated with enhanced cognitive performance, improved metabolism, improved nutrient intakes, healthier body weight and physical and mental wellbeing. Importance and benefits of breakfast along with what constitutes a balanced breakfast has been elaborated upon in the Breakfast Factsheet and the Power of Breakfast Newsletter.


Despite the well-documented benefits of the breakfast meal, it is often skipped or skimped. India Breakfast Habits Study, a survey in 4 metro cities of India, indicated that 1 in 4 urban Indians claim to skip breakfast, 72% skimp or have a nutritionally inadequate breakfast and only 3% regard breakfast as ‘essential’. The key findings of the study titled ‘Nutritional Adequacy of Breakfast: its relationship to daily nutrient intake among children, adolescents and adults’ can be accessed here.


It is, therefore important to educate people regarding why it is not okay to skip breakfast through a downloadable Infographic Breakfast Matters and facilitate them to test their breakfast knowledge and provide them with tips on balanced breakfast through a handout Know Breakfast Handout