From one great day over 100 years ago all the way to today, Kellogg’s has continued to nourish families across the world so that they can flourish and thrive. Good nutrition and simple grains lie at the heart of our company, our products and our heritage. After all, it was our visionary founder, W.K.Kellogg, who aspired to make “quality products for a healthier world”. Motivated by a passion for people, quality and innovation, he created the first-ever breakfast cereal and then shaped an entire industry. Kellogg soon became a household name; his signature, a trusted mark. Know more about Kellogg’s Nutrition Heritage through a fact sheet that highlights a rich legacy, which is over a century old.


Today Kellogg’s is one of the leading cereal brands worldwide and remains committed to the philosophy of its founder: promoting a healthy diet. This is especially important for school children. A nutritionally adequate and balanced diet is vital for growth and development. Details on nutritional considerations of children and importance of nutritious breakfast and snacking are highlighted in the newsletter Importance of Good Nutrition for Kids.