Bengal Tiger, Saurav Ganguly unveils his breakfast secret with Kellogg’s.

Encourages people to take the #Corntest & choose the right Corn Flakes for their family

Kolkata: 13th August, 2015: Corn Flakes for breakfast have become a part of our daily lives as they provide the nutrition and goodness of cereals along with the ease of quick preparation to suit modern lifestyles. Yet, even with the intent of eating right, we end up choosing the wrong products that do not do justice to our taste and nutrition requirements. Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, the flagship product of Kellogg India, reveals a unique 3 step process called #Corntest to determine the right cornflakes for your family, with International sports Icon and fondly called Bengal Tiger, Saurav Ganguly.

Not many know that the nutrient inadequacy at breakfast is maximum in Kolkata. 9% people in West Bengal skip breakfast on an everyday basis and 57% consume less than 15% of their required energy at breakfast. Moreover, only a mere 16% people have a breakfast adequate in calories. This clearly shows the need to have healthy breakfast and choose the right Corn Flakes. When Saurav found himself in a similar situation of confusion, he tried Kellogg’s unique 3 step process to determine the right Corn Flakes for his family. It is:

Smelling the real aroma of original corn on opening the pack.
Seeing the large sized golden coloured flakes when you pour the Corn Flakes in your bowl
the crunch in every bite

Saurav Ganguly shares,“I evaluate everything. It helps me decide on the best options, be it my career, Cricket, Football, which bowler to attack while playing cricket or even the things I choose for my kids. When I came across many options for Corn Flakes, I decided to evaluate and thus came the ‘#Corntest’ – a three step check. It involves our very own senses to identify what’s right for us. When I opened the pack of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes I whiffed the rich aroma of lightly toasted real corn. When I poured the Corn Flakes into a bowl I noticed the large sized golden coloured flakes. Finally, when I ate from the bowl, the delicious crunch unraveled the taste in my mouth with every bite. And after all this, I checked the nutritional values on the pack - it contains 8 essential vitamins and iron required for one’s daily nutrition requirements.

I’m so confident that I have made the right choice for my family, I now invite everyone to take up this challenge and do the #Corntest themselves to decide the right Corn Flakes for their family and kids.”

Harpreet Singh Tibb, Director of Marketing, Kellogg India, added,“The #Corntest is testimony tothe quality of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes. Every home maker wants to set her family up for a great day, and believes that a good breakfast means a good start to the day. Kellogg’s Corn Flakes provide a great breakfast cereal option for every member of the family since they are made from the best quality, natural golden corn which is toasted to crunchy perfection, and they also contain Iron and 8 essential vitamins. One serve of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes with milk and fruit is a balanced breakfast option for families to start their day.”

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