Food Stalwarts come together to ‘Map the Future Flavours of India’

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@KelloggsIndia presents first ever ‘Flavour Conference’ curated by @RanveerBrar and Rushina M Ghildiyal

January 15, 2018, Mumbai:Celebrity Chef Ranveer Brar and renowned blogger, author and food consultant, Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal curated Mapping Flavours of India - Kal, Aaj aur Kal, the first ever ‘Flavour Conference’ in Mumbai this month.

A one-day conference, presented by the leading breakfast cereal company Kellogg India Private Limited., was curated to have prominent thought leaders from the food industry discuss, debate and identify the most recognizable flavours of India that have shaped our lives in the past and are likely to shape our lifestyles in the near and far future. The flavour forecast for 2018 out of the conference includes interesting trends like the ‘goodness of India’s traditional grains’, which is an omnipresent flavour in the life of an Indian. ‘Street food becoming smarter’ is another conversation taking a centre stage.

The event trended on twitter platform featuring amongst the top 10 topics for the day. With 28 million impressions, the event received a great response from the foodie junta on the platform.

The conference saw a stellar line-up of participants from the industry. Beginning with noted academicians and historians, Dr. Pushpesh Pant and Dr. Mohsina Mukadam, Mohit Anand, MD, India and South Asia of leading breakfast cereal player Kellogg India Private Limited and Sumit Mathur, Director-Marketing, Kellogg India, the list included Archeologist and Food Anthropologist Dr. Kurush Dalal , News7Tamil channel food and travel TV show host, Rakesh Raghunathan ( Puliyogare Travels), the man behind Delhi Food Walks, Anubhav Sapra, Chef Pooja Dhingra Executive Chef Trident BKC, Ashish Bhasin, Co-founder & CEO Squaremeal Foods (Mirchi and Mime, Madiera and Mime) Prashant Issar, eminent food bloggers like Kalyan Karmakar, Nikhil Merchant and Saee Koranne Khandekar.

Excited with the outcome of this first of its kind Flavour Conference, Chef Ranveer Brar who conceived the concept says, “I envisioned it along the lines of a food equivalent of fashion conferences that forecast colour and fashion trends. The concept of the Flavour Conference was to attempt to understand flavour in the Indian context. Why wait for ques from the west? Why not look within our collective phyche to find out what we love? And that formed the essence of the first Flavour Conference 2018!”

Talking about the success of the first ever conference on a niche topic, Sumit Mathur, Director-Marketing, Kellogg India Private Limited, said “With an agri-superior economy like India and the related nutrition credentials of its grains, the power of local and ancient grains of India came out as a clear winner on the Flavour Conference day. Kellogg’s is proud to have used this insight and has been the frontrunner in championing the importance of cereals in one’s breakfast though its food for over a century globally and over two decades in India. As a conscious food player in this space, we believe it’s extremely relevant to leverage the rich experience of the food proponents of India who, through this conference, enlightened all of us with the trends in food and flavours that are likely to shape our lives in the near and far future.”

Giving out some more trends, Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal said, “As Chefs, home cooks, food bloggers, writers and food lovers, flavour drives us as an industry and we consciously or unconsciously obsess over flavour. But it’s usually as a reaction to inputs from global happenings. Instead, what if we looked within? So, we designed a unique format that brought together some of the most curious minds and strongest voices in the food industry and stimulated conversations in unique ways. We went beneath the surface reactions all of us instinctively give and drew out the memories, stories and insights from our collective wisdom to crystal gaze and arrive at a combined consensus on the most exciting flavours for this year. One trend that leapt out at me from the home dining perspective is that India loves local flavours. We are eating a greater variety and diversity of food than ever before, experimenting with global flavours of all kinds, but have a distinct preference for our local flavours, whether in street food, home cooking or fine dining. And also that the flavour of nostalgia is predominant.”

Other eminent participants for this event were chef Kavan Kuttappa, Joymalya Banerjee, Chef Bohemian Restaurant , Mohit Balachandran, Culinary Director, Soda Bottle Openerwalla and Blogger at Chowder Singh, Parvinder Singh Bali, Corporate Chef and L&D Oberoi Hotels, Romil Ratra, hospitality professional, food journalist and content creator, Greed Goddess Media Ruchi Srivastava, Samar Gupta, Owner Trikaya Agriculture Pvt. Ltd., Sandeep Sreedharan, Private Chef, Owner of Escabrahma and Chef Partner Curry Tales and Tanveer Kwatra, Director Cuisine of W Hotels.


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