1 in 4 Indians claim to skip, 72% skimp and only 3% regard breakfast as essential.

• Indians racing ahead but are the foundations strong enough to support their future?

• Kellogg’s reveals startling insights into breakfast eating habits of Indians through it’s one of a kind breakfast study- ‘India Breakfast Habits Study’- A study that shows alarming figures of nutritional inadequacy in our country.

26th August, Mumbai: Over the years numerous studies have shown that eating breakfast has many health benefits versus skipping, and that nutritionists agree it is the most important meal of the day. And, grains have been at the heart of an Indian breakfast. Yet despite that, 1 in 4 (around 300 million*) Indians claim to be missing it. Given today’s fast paced life, Indians are increasingly undermining the importance of a well-balanced breakfast. Kellogg India, the Indian subsidiary of Kellogg Company, world's leading producer of ready-to-eat cereal and convenience foods, today released ‘India Breakfast Habits Study’ conducted across Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata. The study examines eating behaviour at breakfast and the contribution to nutrient intakes from breakfast. The research was led by investigator Dr. Malathi Sivaramkrishnan, Research Director, Research Centre, College of Home Science, Nirmala Niketan, Mumbai.

With people increasingly becoming health conscious, they have now realized the importance of staying fit and eating healthy. However, the long term effects of eating a nourishing breakfast are being overlooked. The study reveals interesting facts about breakfast consumption patterns among Indians and the attitudes and perceptions towards breakfast. It highlights that many Indians claim to either skip breakfast often or are skimping breakfast (eating a nutritionally-inadequate one). There were glaring gaps in the nutrients provided through breakfast and the recommended nutrient intake as per the Recommended Dietary Allowances for Indians.

‘India Breakfast Habits Study’- Hard Facts

Breakfast – is it an important meal of the day for Indians?

• 1 in 4 Indians claim to skip breakfast

• Whopping 72% skimp by having a nutritionally inadequate meal

• Only 3% regard breakfast as essential part of the day

Are fast paced Indians slowing down on the most important meal of the day?

• Glaring deficits in nutrients provided through breakfast. The adequacy of breakfast meal shows maximum deficits in breakfast in Kolkata followed by Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai

• The breakfast nutrient profile is best in Chennai while day’s intake of nutrients is best in Delhi

• Intake at midmorning is not making up on breakfast deficits

• Across all age groups deficits in the breakfast meal are not being made up by the day’s intake of nutrients

Gender bias in breakfast

• Breakfast skipping and skimping slightly skewed towards ‘females’

Adults undermining the importance of breakfast?

• Research shows that breakfast nutritional adequacy goes down with age

Inadequately supported Indian kids expected to be academic heroes! Heavy price for a competitive country to pay?

• There are deficits in the intake of key nutrients at breakfast and the same are not compensated for through other meals in the day

Cereal (grains) still at the heart of an Indian breakfast

• Almost 75% kids and 73% adults perceive cereals to be a good breakfast option.


Delhi-ites claim to skip breakfast more often as compared to other cities

• Adults in Delhi claim to skip breakfast on an average of 16 days in a month.

Breakfast nutrient profile is best in Chennai. Is it because of the existence of well-defined breakfast foods?

•  79%, 76% and 75% in Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata respectively are having a nutritionally inadequate breakfast as against 60% in Chennai.

Nutrition adequacy in the day’s diet is being led by Delhi

Nutrient profile for the day was best in Delhi followed by Kolkata, Chennai and Mumbai.

Nutrients missed at breakfast are not being compensated for through the consumption of a mid- morning meal or   through other meals in the day, thereby highlighting the utmost importance of the first meal of the day. The findings showed that amongst all, 27%  people  claimed  to  skip  breakfast  while  the corresponding figures for lunch and dinner were only 9% and 5% respectively. 72% of the subjects are skimping by having a nutritionally  inadequate breakfast. 84% of the respondents believe that breakfast should be light. Around 75% perceive cereals to be a   good breakfast option for kids and adults.

Consumption of a calorically adequate breakfast is more among children and young adolescents rather than adolescents and adults. The study also reveals that the extent of breakfast inadequacy is maximum in Kolkata followed by Mumbai. Of all four cities, the nutrient profile of breakfast is best in Chennai while that of the day’s diet is the best in Delhi.

Speaking about the study, Dr. Malathi Sivaramkrishnan said, “I am proud to be associated with Kellogg India for such an eye opening study. Although people in India are increasingly becoming health conscious, this does not reflect in their eating behaviour. Changing lifestyles and behavioural patterns result in meal skipping or inadequate food intakes particularly at breakfast time. The absence of a wholesome and nutritionally balanced breakfast is noticeable amongst all age groups; it is time India woke up to nutritionally balanced diets and particularly, to a healthy breakfast. It's heartening to see a company like Kellogg India spearhead such initiatives to drive home the importance of a healthy breakfast.”

Commenting on this initiative, Sangeeta Pendurkar, Managing Director, Kellogg India said: “Kellogg’s has been in the Indian market for about 18 years now and we are pleased to release our ‘India Breakfast Habits Study’. Good nutrition lies at the heart of our company and through the insightful findings of the study we hope to empower people to make informed choices as we reaffirm the importance of consuming an adequate breakfast with the goodness of grains every day.”

Extensive research from across the globe reveals undisputed benefits of breakfast. Breakfast eaters, especially those who have cereal for breakfast, have higher intakes of fibre, calcium, iron, zinc, B group vitamins and vitamins A, C, E; have lower Body Mass Index and often have healthier body weights and are less predisposed to overweight and obesity. Breakfast consumption in children is associated with improved memory performance, attention, ability in problem solving, comprehension during reading and listening. Nutritionists believe that breakfast should provide essential nutrients like protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals besides energy. Breakfast should consists of foods from at least three essential food groups (e.g. one serve of grain group, one serve of dairy group and one serve of fruit group). Reinforcing Kellogg's legacy of promoting health, this study continues the company's effort to urge people to realize the importance of a nutritionally adequate breakfast.

*Basis the latest demographic report, July 2013

For more information on the ‘Power of Breakfast’, visit http://www.powerofbreakfast.in/


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