Available Pack Sizes
445 g

Kellogg's® Special K® Protein & Fibre Cranberry Flavour

Kellogg’s Special K Protein & Fibre is a delicious, cranberry flavoured, whole-wheat based cereal that’s high in protein & fibre – nutrients that pack a BIG NUTRITIOUS PUNCH!

Foods high in protein and fibre help you feel full. Kellogg’s Special K Protein & Fibre provides you the nourishment from protein, fibre, 8 key vitamins and iron that you deserve from your breakfast cereal.

Relish it with milk or whisked yoghurt (dahi) along with your favourite fruits or dry fruits!

Product Highlights:
* Naturally cholesterol free
* High in protein
* High in fibre
* 8 essential vitamins
* Only 2% fat
* A naturally low fat food / Low in fat
* High in B group vitamins
* High in vitamin C
* High in iron

Whole Wheat (74.7%), Sugar, Wheat Bran (5.7%), Protein Isolate, Cereal Extract, Iodized Salt, Vitamins, Mineral. CONTAINS ADDED FLAVOUR (NATURAL & NATURE IDENTICAL FLAVOURING SUBSTANCES).
Allergen Notes:
Contains Gluten. May contain traces of Tree nuts.