Eat Right

A post from our nutritionist, Samreedhi

Gone are the days when people were just satisfied with shaping up a little by dropping a few kilos. These days most dieters do not stop their diet regime until they have reached their “dream weight” and beyond.

While maintaining an optimum weight is very important health wise, how you achieve the desired weight and maintain it is what really matters in the long run.

Every few months we hear of a new diet that has caught the fancy of dieter’s world over. Be it a protein only diet or a gluten-free plan or even a high fat diet that promises you quick results. While some of these diets may show varying results for a short span of time, most of them are very restrictive as far as your food choices go and take into account only calories and not the nutrient content of the foods.

A lot of people believe that skipping meals and starving themselves for a few days before an occasion or event which will help them fit into a smaller dress size is a great option. However, skipping your meal actually makes your body go into an emergency mode. When you under- eat your body actually saves energy from whatever food you eat, the eventual result of which is that you end up storing fat!

Losing weight and getting into smaller sized clothes can be very confidence boosting. However while achieving this goal remember eating balanced meals which give you the right nourishment will not just get the weight down but also make you feel energetic and keep you glowing.

Eat foods that add value to your overall health, instead of just subtracting calories.

Most people who aim to look better tend to ignore the benefits of exercise. Exercise can help you boost your metabolism and can make you lose weight, enhance your shape and boost your confidence levels. Exercise should no longer be optional, and one should remember that people who exercise regularly have more leeway with food!

So if you really plan to manage your weight, do it the right way!  Eat healthily and follow a diet that keeps you content, not one that gives you a bad mood and hunger pangs.

Remember that when you begin your weight management# journey by boosting your metabolism, by developing healthier eating habits and exercising regularly there are lesser chances of you gaining it back.

Samreedhi Goel is the Consulting Nutritionist for Kellogg’s India.

She runs her exercise studio “SIZEWISE” in Mumbai since 1999 and has helped thousands of people get in shape. Samreedhi prescribes a Zig Zag diet, the basis of which is carb cycling, a diet plan that has a mix of high carb & low carb days.