A post from our nutritionist, Samreedhi

When managing weight, a lot of us start out with great gusto, with the aim of a target weight. However, after a period of time, temptations tend to get the better of us, and some of us lose sight of why we started in the first place. So what is it that keeps some of us motivated to stay on track? Let’s find out…

Set small goals: It is a good idea to break down a large goal into several small goals. If you need to lose 10 kilos, it may seem very far away. However, if you make a weekly plan of ½-1 kilo a week, that can make it seem achievable in the immediate future. And, when you do achieve this goal after a week it will give you a sense of achievement and push you to stay on track for the next week too.

Postpone your cravings:  One of the most challenging parts about being on a weight management# journey is breaking old habits! Many a times, we don’t even realize that we choose certain foods not because we are hungry, but simply out of habit. Like having sweets after a meal. Or an extra dash of sugar with chai… So, if you really want to deal with a craving, try to postpone it. Tell yourself, “I will eat that after 2 hours” and chances are you will probably forget about it. Some days, this trick may work while on the days it doesn’t, try to choose something healthier and you will have conquered your craving soon!

Reward yourself but not by bingeing: So you have stayed on track for a few weeks and are receiving compliments by the dozen. Should you celebrate by going on a binge? Kind of beats the purpose, right? Instead of rewarding yourself with food, why not gift yourself a good book or a gadget you’ve had your eye on? Having that object with you will also be a reminder of your determination and boost your spirits!

Wear clothes that flatter you: You do not need to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe, but you can alter some of your previous clothes to fit you better. There is no greater motivator than when you are able to visibly see the positive changes in your size! After all, it is about feeling great, not just looking good.

Maintain a food diary: Simply writing what you eat in a food journal everyday can help you keep track of your calories. Besides this, the days that you don’t feel so motivated you can just turn back a few pages and read how much self-control you have exercised in the past. Several mobile apps can actually give you an approximate calorie count from your day’s diet recall. This too can help you stay within the limits of your calorie consumption.

Talk to other motivated friends: Talking to another person who started with and achieved a similar goal can be very motivating. Discuss how they avoided getting off track or how they stuck to their healthy eating habits and exercise regime and you will find your enthusiasm fueled once again!

Samreedhi Goel is the consulting nutritionist for Kellogg’s India Private Limited.

She has been running her exercise studio Size Wise in Mumbai since 1999, and has helped thousands of people get into shape. Samreedhi prescribes a Zig Zag diet, the basis of which is carb cycling, which is a diet plan that has a mix of high carb & low carb days.