Nutrition Tips to Get Wedding Ready

A post from our nutritionist, Samreedhi

Wedding season is in the air. Once again, it’s that time to dress up, look good, and show off your new wardrobe!

Just been asked to be your best friend’s bridesmaid? Here are tips to get you looking your best shape, and in to this season’s gorgeous wedding outfits.

Start your day with breakfast

If you want to manage your weight, breakfast is one meal you cannot skip. It’s the essential meal of the day that must consist of:

·       A protein source such as milk/dahi/pulses/egg/lean meat

·       A complex carbohydrate source such as a cereal

·       A fibre and micronutrient source such as a fruit or a vegetable

Eating breakfast can help kick start your body’s metabolism. Honestly, if you begin your day with no food and several bridesmaid duties to do, not only will you be cranky and low on energy but, you’re more likely to binge at meals that will eventually lead to extra calories.

Increase your fibre intake

Eating a few extra helpings of vegetables and fruits can help add to your fibre intake. Fibre can help you feel full and aid in weight management#. Have a bowl of soup or a salad at the start of your meal. For an evening snack have a yogurt dip or a portion of hummus with carrot and cucumber sticks. This will also help add vegetables to your diet. If you do feel hungry between meals, have fruits. All this will help boost your fibre intake.

Drink water

A lot of weight management# enthusiasts tend to eat everything that’s good, but don’t consume enough water. Drinking lots of water aids the fibre in making you feel full. Water at the end of a meal can also make you feel full and help control hunger. Not drinking sufficient water daily can actually cause water retention and bloating. You must try to drink at least 1-1.5 litres every day.

Cut back on alcohol

A single gram of alcohol contains 7 kcal. Therefore, by drinking more alcohol, you’re consuming additional calories, with very little nutritional benefit! Alcohol can lead to bloating and water retention, as it tends to dehydrate you. So, avoiding alcohol in the days leading up to the big day might help you look and feel less bloated.


While following a low fat diet can help you manage your weight, combining it with an exercise regime could help you drop some excess kilos too. Exercise boosts metabolism and helps tone your body. What’s more, exercising regularly gives you the freedom to eat without feeling guilty, and helps manage your weight better in the long run.

So keep these tips in mind this wedding season and impress like a diva!

Samreedhi Goel is the Consulting Nutritionist for Kellogg’s India. She has been operating Size Wise, an exercise studio in Mumbai, since 1999, and has helped thousands of people get in to shape. Samreedhi prescribes a Zig Zag diet, the basis of which is carb cycling – a mix of high carb and low carb days.

You can write to her at