During the Festivities

A post from our nutritionist, Samreedhi

Being popular could have a downside sometimes. It’s the wedding season and you are invited to most of the parties, be it pre-wedding bashes or the weddings itself. Being the popular person you are, you probably have sorted out your social calendar and appearances in the best possible way. However, there is always one niggling question at the back of your mind: How will I look my best and fit into all my outfits till the very last wedding, while partying for so many days? Surprisingly, the solutions are simple and doable!

Cheat wisely: Many times we load up on calories from the food we don’t really want to eat but end up sampling out of curiosity. If there are several events you must attend, plan your meals beforehand. Make a choice about which event you can eat a homemade meal and attend and which event you will be eating at the venue. Avoid munching on fried starters, excessively salty snacks or snacks which you have access to on a regular basis anyway. Reach out for something different that you are fond of but don’t eat very often, so you feel satisfied and still don’t add too many calories.

Burn it off: It’s a given that you will not be able to strictly calorie control your diet if you have many occasions ahead of you. Be the fun friend who is always ready to shake a leg when the opportunity presents itself. This will not only help you burn some more calories but also keep you on everyone’s most fun person list!

Limit alcohol: Another possibility while attending all the fun parties is the tendency to drink a little more alcohol than you usually do. If that is the case, alternate a glass of water with a glass of alcohol each time. This will help you reduce or control your intake and will also help prevent you from feeling bloated. It is also a good trick to drinking only as much as you want and prevent people from forcing you to chug more!

Don’t skip exercise:You may not be able to hit the gym at the same time every day or for the same amount of time if you are too busy. However, waking up 30 minutes earlier so that you do not miss your run or your gym workout to burn some calories is definitely in your hands. If it is a destination wedding you are going for, change your regular routine to a swim or a tennis match with your friends. Walk when you can. Remember, a little exercise is better than no exercise! Sometimes changing your exercise pattern completely can do you wonders, so don’t find excuses and get lazy!

Remember your goal: Many times, people simply get so busy enjoying themselves that they lose track of their goals, and once the festivities are over, they end up feeling bad about how all those kilos they lost with great effort, slowly crept back on. However, this does not have to be the case. All you have to do is, stay motivated. Share your goals with friends who encourage you and can help you avoid the food you shouldn’t eat and share calories from the food you do eat. Don’t wait too long after the celebrations to get back to your fitness regime and rest assured your goal will stay on track!

Samreedhi Goel is the Consulting Nutritionist for Kellogg’s India.

She has been running her exercise studio Size Wise in Mumbai since 1999 and has helped thousands of people get in shape. Samreedhi prescribes a Zig Zag diet, the basis of which is carb cycling, which is a diet plan that has a mix of high carb & low carb days.